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Easthampton Congregational Church, UCC

Our Church

We are a congregation of various ages and socioeconomic groups. Our church is a beautiful, spacious, white brick, typically-ornamented New England Congregational Church set in the heart of Easthampton, Massachusetts. Our Sanctuary is located on the second floor with a lift system recently installed for full access. Our first floor levels consist of a small chapel adjacent to our meeting rooms, two updated accessible bathrooms, full service kitchen and our church office. We also have an intermediate level, also serviced by our lift, which is the home to our Fellowship Hall and our Religious Education classrooms.

Our Worship Service

All are welcome! We invite you to join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 10am, because the best way to experience a community of faith is “in-person”. Our worship service is both recorded and amplified; we are a handicap-accessible church and we provide both nursery care for infants and toddlers and seasonal church school for children. Our choir leads us with spiritually uplifting anthems and hymns sung from both traditional and contemporary sources. Services include prayer and praise, hymns, songs, and choir offerings, scripture reading and sermon-time, as well as time to share our joys and concerns with the gathered body of Christ. You will hear inspired, thoughtful, “real” sermons from our dynamic minister and join with a multi-generational congregation in after-worship fellowship. Communion is offered the first Sunday of each month – alternately by Intinction (coming forward to the table to receive) and through a more traditional mode of Deacon Servers. Lay leadership is welcomed and encouraged. Visitors are too!

We also hold several special services throughout the liturgical year, which are unique and spiritually fulfilling.

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