Church Boards

Board of Deacons

Easthampton Congregational Church, UCCThe Board of Deacons cooperates with the Pastor in ministering to the spiritual needs of the Church and the community. Specific duties of this Board include: visiting with and offering pastoral care to the sick, shut in, and other persons affiliated with the Church in need of such care; planning the evangelistic work of the Church, including visitation of potential new members; preparing for and assisting at the sacraments of communion and baptism; meeting with candidates for membership, and voting upon the reception of same; considering and acting upon requests for withdrawal of membership, transfer of membership, or renewal of active membership; meeting the needs of persons it deems worthy through the Deacon’s Fund Offering; and proposing retired deacons to the Annual Meeting for consideration of the honorary title of Deacons Emeritus.

Board of Worship

The Board of Worship, with the help and advice of the Pastor, plans for the worship life of the congregation. Specific duties include securing and training of worship leadership including ushers and liturgists; providing professional and volunteer music leaders; providing flowers for the altar and decorating of the Church, filling the pulpit in the absence of the Pastor, and planning for changes in the order of worship to meet the needs of the congregation.

Board of Religious Education

The Board of RE directs and oversees the entire program of religious education in the Church in cooperation with the Pastor and the Director of Religious Education.

Board of Mission and Outreach

The Board of Mission and Outreach provides leadership in exploring and calling attention to opportunities where its members may become involved in mission and outreach- locally, nationally, and worldwide.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is charged with the care and properties of the Church. They provide for the raising of money for the support of the Church’s services and are in charge of necessary repairs of the Church.  Specific duties of this board include preparing a budget, conducting the Every Member Canvas to underwrite the budget, authorization of bills by the Treasurer, and signing of contracts.

The Endowment Fund Committee

This committee is a separate committee from the Board of Trustees. They are the steward and manager of the Endowment Fund.

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