Behavioral Covenant for the Church

Easthampton Congregational Church, UCCCreated during the 2012 Walking in the Way sessions

Grounded in our shared belief in God as a congregation, we prayerfully covenant with one another to:

Listen and speak the truth

  • Seeking to understand each other with respect and openness
  • Speaking directly and honestly to those with whom we have differences
  • Making decisions based on facts and not assumptions

Welcome different ideas and perspectives

  • Accepting, even celebrating, people’s differences
  • Agreeing to disagree at all times without being disagreeable
  • Staying open to new ideas and opinions

Work together for the good of the Church

  • Actively participating in the life of the Church, grateful for the opportunities it provides
  • Sharing as we work together, without a sense of “ownership”
  • Welcoming new people and others

Focus on the spirit’s leading

  • Remaining loyal to our Church and other members
  • Moving forward rather than dwelling in the past
  • Being open to change for the betterment of the Church

Express our faith through our actions

  • Treating each other with love and empathy
  • Randomly complimenting each other and having fun, rather than being critical or judgmental
  • Practicing forgiveness

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